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Services provided by clinicians should be coded accurately so that they can be submitted to the payer compliantly, regardless of the payment model. Inaccuracies coding can result in denied claims, and missed charge opportunities and will eventually result in an underestimation of the future costs needed to care for a patient.

Our coding professionals hold one or more certifications through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) or American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) as well as 20 or more years of experience in assigning or auditing coded data. Many have served in director-level positions and have managed coding teams. Additionally, 100% of our coding teamwork work in our office (Chicago, IL) as opposed to out of their home offices. In the past we have provided the following coding services:

In the past we have provided the following CDI services:

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Having a Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) program is now just as important as having a Compliance program. While there are many benefits of having a CDI program, the most common are improved quality of care, compliance, accurate code assignment, and reduction in claims and/or medical necessity denials.

We create CDI solutions using a team approach as our experience has demonstrated that a CDI program is more successful if it can benefit from a “clinical” and “coding” partnership. Our team of Registered Nurses (RNs) and Clinical Documentation Improvement Practitioners (CDIPs) have over 40 years of experience in various healthcare settings. In the past we have provided the following CDI services:

In the past we have provided the following CDI services:


Adhering to the Office of Inspector (OIG’s) Compliance program guidance is more than having a written compliance program in a binder. Ensuring that the organization is complying federal rules and regulations to prevent fraud and abuse is an ongoing process. In other words, compliance must be more of an active rather than a passive process.

No matter where you are in the compliance program journey, our team can partner with you to determine what your needs are. If you have an existing program, we recommend starting with a risk assessment conducted by a Certified Healthcare Compliance (CHC) professional! This face-to-face assessment, typically a 3-day process (depending on the size and structure of your organization), results in a written actionable report.

In the past we have provided the following compliance services:


Ongoing education plays a pivotal rule in the success of an organization’s compliance program. Educational must be quality to be effective and meet the needs of diverse learners. When participants are engaged in education, they are more likely to be compliant.

Our education team has over 30 years of experience creating and delivering educational programs for healthcare organizations and has experience facilitating training for academic institutions. Further, we can provide content face-to-face, virtually, or pre-recorded. Lastly, we can curate a customized training center for your organization to house any training we create for you.

Our trainers are well-versed in a variety of tools and resources that can make the education experience rewarding and add value to the organization. Lastly, our trainers are also professional speakers.

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“The Growth Motivator™” Dr. Lisa L Campbell® offers training, seminars, workshops, and presentations to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential. In the past, she has provided coaching for new leaders, diverse leaders and has led teams in improving their emotional intelligence.

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